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  • ONLINE coaching: Lose Body Fat + get Bikini ready for the summer

    Save The Date! This program will get you in your best shape ever–bikini ready for the summer, your wedding, high school reunion, bikini competition, photo shoots and all fat loss goals. This program is best starting 12 weeks out but depending on your current conditioning, could be done in 8-10 weeks.

    COACHING: This program will include a nutrition plan and workout plan with bi-weekly updates. April will consult with you on a weekly basis via phone or FaceTime. If competing–Guidance for competition suits, tan, make up, jewelry and posing are included.

    April will want front, side and back progress pictures on a bi-weekly basis. You will need to track your foods through the MyFitnessPal app so she can monitor your daily food intake.

    MEAL PLAN: You will receive a Whole-Food Plant-Based meal plan, which will be balanced in all macros. No extreme diet measures are taken to achieve your goals. All meal planning and nutritional advice is Whole-food Plant-Based. Lentils, Tofu, Beans, fruits, grains, veggies, nuts, seeds, nut milks and selected protein powders will be your energy sources. Whole foods that contain no refined or processed ingredients, no additives and no artificial products.

    WORKOUT PLAN: Training programs are personalized based on your goals as well as your current strength and fitness levels. Bi-weekly updates to your workout program will be determined during your scheduled online appointments.

    TECHNIQUES: Information on training techniques and movements included in your training program.

    FLEXIBILITY: April will write your program to work around YOUR schedule and time commitments over a 7-day week.

    ADAPTABLE: All programs can be written for access to either gym-fitness centers or home gym.

    PRICES: Reach out to April to chat about how many weeks you need to reach your goal. or message in the CONTACT page:

    8 weeks out: $800
    10 weeks out: $1000
    12 weeks out: $1200

    Small Business Policies:
    -24 hour cancellation policy on appointments
    -No refund Policy–as this is a commitment to your Consistency + Fitness Goals
    -Sessions will expire if not used within 3 months

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