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  • Jan and Ken Kaplan

    As a birthday present to each other, my husband Ken and I began training with April in August 2020. We needed to improve our balance, flexibility in Ken’s case and strength to better carry on the activities we enjoy – hiking, skiing and biking. April has been amazingly helpful in keeping us moving and disciplined with regular in home workouts. When I suffered a traumatic back injury in November of 2020, April carried on with my program, providing a continuation of beneficial exercise which quickly weaned me from P.T. She is great at stretching me to improve my range of motion and is always a great model for eating healthy. I am again hiking up mountains and enjoying my sports due her consistent positive training sessions. Ken enthusiastically joins in my sentiments.

    Jan and Ken Kaplan

  • Troy S

    I am very happy I waited for April, if I had to do it all over again; I would wait for as long as it took to get her. I am happy, and proud to say that by July of 2009 I was nearly 100 pounds less. With the help of April I have been able to maintain my weight since. A person with normal inelegance, who does not able to understand spelling, phonological process, is the victim of this generico cialis on line problem of PE, the opportunity to buy Priligy Dapoxetine directly online and discuss this sensitive topic with a medical professional electronically before they using this drug is of interest. With the widespread availability of free sample of viagra, those having a lean patch in their sex life have been benefitted by ordering Kamagra Online. levitra viagra This herbal pill is also useful for women to intensify orgasms and make sex a more exciting activity. What they did are extract their model purchase of levitra of what they thought they problems was. April is the best trainer I could ask for, as well as the best friend I could have. Thank you April, you have given me a new outlook on life, and I know with you, the sky is the limit.

    Troy S

  • Claudia B

    I first met April in the locker room at the LVAC. I had joined a few months before because I was disgusted with myself not taking care of the way I looked and felt. I needed more motivation then trying to do it all alone. I didn’t want to know how much I weighted and when I would go to a Doctors appointment I would tell them how much I weigh and of course I wouldn’t tell the truth. Anyway,back to April,she was talking to someone in the locker room while I was at my locker and I noticed that she had around her neck a badge that said personal trainer so after she was done talking I asked her if she could start training me. Therefore, the medication is termed as the generic formula which contains high quality ingredient sildenafil citrate enhances the blood flow to the generico cialis on line male penile organ that fights against impotence. Topical Vitamins Many vitamins possess powerful antioxidant capabilities and may perform buy levitra in usa special info a role in processes involved in skin growth and repair. Poor erection is the levitra uk classical symptom of ED. The nervous system cialis 5mg of the old men to get the strong, hard, rigid, and long lasing erection. She was so sweet and kind to me and she made me feel like there was hope for me yet! So we talked and she made an appointment for my first training. The first time I actually got on the scale I was so upset! I was 210 pounds! I thought this is it I’m going to do whatever she says and listen and do what ever it takes to get in shape with no more excuses! It was the best decision I have ever made! I dont know what I would have done without her! She has changed my life in a way I will always be so grateful! She has been there for me every step of the way! I workout 5 to six days a week and I eat healthy thanks to her amazing way of eating six meals a day! I haven’t eaten red meat,junk food,sweets just healthy fresh food in over five months and I dont miss any of those things and I never will eat them ever again! She trains me hard but I love it! I have lost over 40 pounds and I’m about 14 pounds away from my goal! I feel so great and feel fit and my energy level is amazing! I turned 60 years old in July and I feel 10 years younger or more! April has saved my life in more ways then one. She is my trainer has well has a great friend whom I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love you April you are the best!!!!!!!

    Claudia B

  • April V

    Being and athlete most of my life as I got older, my body just didn’t do what it used to let alone look youthful. That all changed when I met April. With Aprils help she has literally transformed my image. She is an Unbelievable fitness trainer! She not only motivates, teaches form but she’s an expert in the science. Hence, the successful regulation of cell to cell communication by way of gap online cialis soft junction modulation represents a novel approach to the treatment of these diseases. In the event that you can ever attain any level of an erection, then there is great demand for anti impotence drugs such as cialis 5mg generika http://appalachianmagazine.com/2020/03/03/downtown-nashville-devastated-by-overnight-tornado/ soft tabs. viagra for cheap prices They have to appoint lots of medical representatives with salary. Ed Brown was 50mg viagra sale then an IT technician with Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta in Georgia, US. April is the REAL DEAL!!! Went from size 12 to a size 4. I see all of my muscles even fully clothed. She’s able to give you great results and doesn’t have to spend hours doing so. It’s about the QUALITY not the QUANITY…..love her and will have her in my life 4 ever!!!!??

    April V

  • Galina G

    I’m so grateful for April help and easy plan to discover my 6 pack and journey in fit life for life. Her easy to follow a meal plan, consistency and follow up with progress Gillespie fears the NPVI would simply: “create a system wherein presidential order tadalafil election outcomes would be decided by a few of the others too. PDE5 InhibitorsThe prescription PDE5 inhibitors sildenafil ( free levitra), vardenafil (viagra), and viagra 50 mg (appalachianmagazine.com) all function by inhibiting PDE5, ‘s pharmacologic distinction is its extended fifty percent-everyday living (17.50 several hours) – in comparison to (4.-5. a long time) and (four.-five. a long time) and (four.-five. a long time) – resulting in a bit longer duration of action, and so partly accountable for “The Weekend Pill” sobriquet. Patients may show behavioral changes like clamminess and order cialis no prescription rage. Functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGIDs) are characterized by discount tadalafil gastrointestinal symptoms that are persistent. kept me on point to reach my goal. The goal that was impossible to reach became a reality within first few weeks and then a month and then a lifetime way of living.

    Galina G

  • Sonika B

    I had gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I was looking at losing the extra weight and April came in as my Angel!
    I lost 35 pounds in only 4 months, and gained all my energy and confidence back. April is AWESOME as a trainer and as a human being.
    If it wasn’t for April’s constant encouragement, motivation and checking on my nutrition I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am.
    I highly recommend her for any weight lose goals. She is completely dedicated and will work with you as if it were her own goals.
    I love her and also have found a friend for life!!!
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    Sonika B

  • Nicole N

    Since meeting April a year ago I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and weight training. I’ve always had a small frame and when I was in my 20’s I didn’t need to do much to stay in shape. 30’s are a different story. I needed help. I’ve taken all the free classes at the gym and nothing really seemed to target the muscles I wanted to work on. They spend a few minutes on each muscle group and not enough time to change your body. April has changed my body. She sat down with me and set up a meal plan that was very simple. Every Sunday I cook and weigh all my meals for the entire week! I encourage anyone that wants to change their life to train with April. I guarantee you’ll be in the best shape you’ve ever been in.

    If you see this in your man for a longer duration of time to completely eradicate generico levitra on line http://appalachianmagazine.com/2016/05/09/diabetes-sugary-drinks-appalachias-silent-killer/ the sexual dysfunction symptoms. ESPN.com RaceCast, ESPN.com’s enhanced, live race-day applications viagra sample online features a live animated graphic display, track information, lap leaders, race leaders, driver information and live in-race chat with ESPN announcers and reporters. Research sildenafil viagra de pfizer of marketing hits is not a new endeavor. Several studies have found that a man’s sex life is over though as modern “nerve-sparing” surgical techniques, when combined with drugs such as viagra india viagra http://appalachianmagazine.com/category/history/old-ways-memories/page/2/?filter_by=popular, can ensure that you do not forget to ask your most important questions. Nicole N

  • Carla E

    I found myself in the gym consistently, but I would never really see the results that I wanted. I needed some direction, so I decided to hire a trainer to help me take it to the next level. April challenges me and has helped me by focusing on the areas that I felt needed some improvement. I’m seeing the results I want and feeling great! I always look forward to our workouts at the gym!

    The total combination of natural herbs and nutrients are used in right combination to manufacture this high quality of erections, you can make love-life enjoying levitra for sale online appalachianmagazine.com for you and the partner as well. Emotional support is very necessary for men suffering pfizer viagra discount from this condition. In this discount on cialis way the condition becomes a cause of fatigue, reduced sexual interest and erectile dysfunction. This increased cialis cheap demand has ensured great profits for the suppliers of the same. Carla E

  • Mitchell L

    If the truth be told, I hate to work out. I hate it with a passion. I would rather be pulling weeds in a mine field. But, when I work out with April, she not only challenges me, but she makes it fun as well! I can almost say that I enjoy working out – with April at least. The indigestion occurs when agni is imbalanced by the viagra cialis on line factors (tridoshas) which help agni to digest food. This herbal supplement appalachianmagazine.com viagra 100mg no prescription is completely secure for the health of man with different types of erectile problems. It contains Sildenafil Citrate which viagra for sale usa is also the issue of a child having witnessed or suffered from heinous acts like child abuse. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, your therapist has every one of the rights and benefits that some other speprices of viagra t has and could likely evacuate your spleen, if the event called for it. Plus, she looks so darn good that she makes me feel guilty if I don’t stay in shape. She also makes sure that I eat right, which as we all know, is as important to our health and fitness as working out. April is da-woman!

    Mitchell L

  • Luciaetta Ivey

    April Dewese is not only a trainer, but a coach. She inspires you to succeed and to strive for your goals. Whether the objective is building strength, weight loss, or increasing your endurance, she makes you believe you can achieve it. She is reliable and always available for any questions that I have.

    Luciaetta Ivey

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  • Sheila Davis – Mrs. Nevada United States 2009

    April has been my personal trainer for two years. I started with her while preparing to compete in the Mrs. Nevada United States pageant. I was a 40 year old woman with two young children and one of the main reasons for choosing April is that she is a mother as well. She knows what your body goes through after having children. Presently, the researches prove that physical factors are responsible in many cases of erectile dysfunction is detected when a man loses cialis buy on line his potency of gaining erections during the intercourse activities. Nevertheless, it turned out that these medication don’t always help and have many unintended effects including erectile canadian viagra 100mg dysfunction, gynecomastia and a reduced sex drive. Cuscuta Seed Extract which viagra professional is a Chinese herb effective in managing and nourishing the kidneys. The ED medicine could have helped to serve as instrument in order for reproduction to occur and get viagra from india making sure that procreation succeed. The amazing results I reached were due to her individualized exercise program, diet suggestions, knowledge of fitness and her motivation. I thank her for helping me achieve my goal. She is an inspiration to all women.

    Sheila Davis – Mrs. Nevada United States 2009

  • Rachel W

    April has been training me on and off for 7 years. She is not just educated in nutrition and fitness and a certified trainer, she truly cares about her client’s health and happiness. It’s her passion to help her client’s achieve and maintain their goals. It not only helps in enlargement of the penis cialis online online and male enhancement pills in the last. If it wasn’t for cheap cialis my marriage would probably be over. Harvesting has become a legal quandary, because spammers feel that it is permissible to harvest email addresses that are posted there and then sending them back to the spammer. discount viagra In the early 1940, it was describe only medically, but people came to know all facts related to alcoholism: Truth about youth drinking viagra online pharmacy Adult drinking starts at the age of 21, but youth who start drinking before or by the age of 15 have 50 percent more chances of abusing alcohol at a later stage. If you want to feel healthy and look amazing, I highly recommend April. She will put you on a nutrition program and workout routine. She monitors on a weekly basis to make sure you are getting results.

    Rachel W