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  • Laguna Beach IN HOME or ONLINE Personal Training and Stretch Therapy

    IN HOME and ONLINE personal training sessions are workouts in your own personal gym, living room or garage.

    April can travel to you in North Laguna Beach, CA. She offers 30-60 minute sessions in North Laguna designed to challenge your cardio, strength, flexibility and conditioning with the equipment you have available at your home.

    Online sessions are available via FaceTime or Zoom anywhere outside this area.

    These workouts will be designed for your goals of weight loss, fat loss, strength, muscle gain, flexibility, pain relief and conditioning.

    Appointment times and days can be decided between you and April. Message April in the CONTACT page or for scheduling and other questions.

    30 minutes:
    single session:$70
    10 sessions:$65=$650

    45 minutes:
    single session: $105
    10 sessions:$95=$950

    60 minutes:
    single session: $140
    10 sessions: $130=$1300

    Small Business Policies:
    -24 hour cancellation policy
    -No refund Policy–as this is a commitment to your Health and Consistency
    -Sessions will expire if not used within 3 months

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  • SIMPLE & CLEAN Whole-Food Plant-Based nutrition Plan

    April will create a personalized whole food meal plan, considering your current starting point and your desired goals, your food likes and dislikes and any allergies or intolerances you have.

    Personally calculated macronutrient percentage breakdown. This includes how many grams of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein you will require each day for healthy wholefood living.

    Personalized calorie goals that you will require each day for best results on a healthy, wholefood meal plan.

    IIFYM options list to fit within you’re set nutritional guidelines.

    All meal plans include whole foods, preferably organic and unprocessed, with no costly ingredients required. 

    NO SUPPLEMENTS are required, however Plant-Based Protein Powders are allowed and optional for each individual to reach their macronutrient goals.

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