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  • Trauma-Informed Somatics + Nervous System Regulation Coaching

    Trauma and Stress are stored in our bodies; especially our Hips, Back, Neck and Gut. My Stretch Therapy Sessions combine stretching with Physical Therapy, yoga and Somatic Exercises to Release Trapped Trauma and Chronic Pain. Stretching is one of the most common types of Trauma Release Exercises. Also, Learn calming Techniques to Regulate your Nervous System, stress and anxiety.

    Groundbreaking neurological and biological research suggests that mindfully integrating the body into healing practices is essential for Trauma recovery. This inclusion of the body in recovery has opened a door to incorporate Resistance Training, Somatic Exercises, calming techniques and Stretching as Therapy, reestablishing trust in the body as a source of pleasure and strength rather than pain and fear.

    Trauma-Informed Personal Training Is Helping Clients Heal Through Movement. Approaching fitness through a trauma-informed lens, helps to ensure clients feel welcome, included, and most importantly, safe. Movements that, over a course of a session, can help clients shift from a state of dysregulation to a place of feeling more grounded and safe in their body. We’re increasing clients capacity to navigate stress, to feel it and notice it and not immediately become dysregulated, and thats the most important piece.

    Gut Health Is Important for Your Body and Your Mind. The gut is composed of microbes that affect your physiology and keeps your body and brain functioning as they should. The nervous system in your gut communicates with the brain. It also plays a role in inflammation associated with stress and autoimmune diseases. The Wellness of both your Body and your Brain depend on your Gut Health.

    Appointment times and days can be decided between you and April. Message her in the CONTACT page or to set up an appointment and get started today!

    30 minutes:
    single session: $70
    10 sessions: $650=$65ea

    45 minutes:
    single session: $105
    10 sessions: $950=$95ea

    60 minutes:
    single session: $140
    10 sessions: $1300=$130ea

    Small Business Policies:
    -24 hour cancellation policy
    -No refund Policy–as this is a commitment to your Health and Consistency
    -Sessions will expire if not used within 3 months

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  • LEAN + MEAN workout plan: Strength Training + Stretching Program

    Training programs are personalized to suit your goals as well as your current strength and fitness levels.

    April will design a training program based on the time you have available each week as well as the equipment and facilities you have available. Inclusions:

    1x Training Program including guidance on weight training and strength training, cardio, HIIT, body weight exercises, and sports conditioning.
    1x Stretching Program designed to increase mobility + flexibility, release chronic pain, release stress and regulate your nervous system.

    TECHNIQUES: Information on training techniques and movements included in your training program.

    FLEXIBILITY: April will write your program to work around YOUR schedule and time commitments.

    ADAPTABLE: All programs can be written for access to either gym/fitness centers, home gym, or personal equipment available or outdoor training.

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