April Deweese-Fitness Trainer

LEAN & MEAN workout plan: Strength Training and Stretching Program



Training programs are personalized to suit your goals as well as your current strength and fitness levels.

April will design a training program based on the time you have available each week as well as the equipment and facilities you have available. Inclusions:

1x Training Program including guidance on weight training and strength training, cardio, HIIT, body weight exercises, and sports conditioning.
1x Stretching Program designed to increase mobility + flexibility, release chronic pain, release stress and regulate your nervous system.

TECHNIQUES: Information on training techniques and movements included in your training program.

FLEXIBILITY: April will write your program to work around YOUR schedule and time commitments.

ADAPTABLE: All programs can be written for access to either gym/fitness centers, home gym, or personal equipment available or outdoor training.



This plan is designed to build muscle, increase strength, reduce body fat, increase mobility and flexibility, release chronic pain and regulate your nervous system.

Groundbreaking neurological and biological research suggests that mindfully integrating the body into healing practices is essential for trauma recovery. This inclusion of the body in recovery has opened a door to incorporate exercise as a complementary therapy, reestablishing trust in the body as a source of pleasure and strength rather than pain and fear.

Stretching can also offer a range of benefits for your mental health and frame of mind. This is because the body and the mind are both intertwined together. So, when stretching, you’re reducing the impact of co-existing conditions between any chronic pain and mental trauma.